Planning Commission

The Planning Commission has broad authority to plan for the future needs of the community, which may include but limited to drafting and maintaining a current municipal plan and identifying tools, regulatory and non regulatory to implement the plan. The Planning Commission solicits public input, weighs options and makes policy decisions, some of which will chart the future of the community and which may eventually have the force and effect of law.  The Commission must take care to represent all members and interests of the public, officials, interest groups, civic groups and citizens.


The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 pm, at the Town Hall, as needed.

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Members serve rotating three year appointments with renewals after Annual Town Meeting. 

Members: Philip Bannister (2025),  Andrew Morrison (Clerk) (2026), Susan Coakley (Chair) (2025), Vanessa Vadim (2025)

Contact: Susan Coakley, Chair (802)-289-7972 or Email:


Planning Commissioner Nominations Sought to fill current and upcoming vacancies:

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