Below is a listing of online GIS maps for Putney, Vermont. Nearly all of these maps were created by the Windham Regional Commission under the direction of, or with the assistance of, Putney's residents, commission members, and town hall staff.  The Planning Commission and Conservation Commission have been instrumental in creating these maps.  This listing does not include all maps available in paper format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free for download at Adobe's web site, to view and/or print the maps in PDF format.
General Maps
  • Road Name Map (updated in 2015) PDF
  • Zoning Districts, adopted 2007 (24x36-inch maps, can be printed on an 11x17 printer): 
    • Zoning map with parcel lines (1.2 meg) PDF 
    • Zoning map without parcel lines (0.5 meg) PDF
  • Topographic Base Map PDF 
  • Village Base Map PDF (36x36-inch map of buildings with E911 address, parcels, streets)
  • Water Resources Map (2008) PDF - (24x36 map, updated streams, source protection areas, flood hazard areas, wetlands)
  • Putney Central School vicinity map, (2007, 8.5x11) PDF
  • Places to Walk, Hike, Bike, and X-C Ski in Putney, Vermont  PDF (updated in 2020)


Town of Putney Tax Maps
(Tax maps are current to April 1, 2023)
Cover: PDF
Tax Map 1: PDF
Tax Map 2: PDF
Tax Map 3: PDF
Tax Map 4: PDF
Tax Map 5: PDF
Tax Map 6: PDF
Tax Map 7: PDF
Tax Map 8: PDF
Tax Map 9: PDF
Tax Map 10: PDF
Tax Map 11: PDF
Tax Map 12: PDF
Tax Map 30: PDF
Wetland Maps (produced by Windham Regional Commission)
In 2008, the Putney Conservation Commission began working with the WRC to create a series of wetland maps for the town.  These maps show wetlands both from National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) and Vermont Significant Wetlands Inventory (VSWI) maps. The Putney maps do not replace the VSWI maps (they are not official, regulatory documents), but instead supplement those maps by showing, in many cases, wetlands more accurately, and by showing some wetlands that do not appear on the VSWI.  The Conservation Commission is interested in working with the public to add additional, previously unmapped wetlands to these maps. 
  • 11x17 map PDF, showing wetlands by type, with an indication of beaver activity and man-made wetlands, and hydric soils
  • 36x48 map PDF, created for Putney Zoning Administrator, showing wetlands and their "significance" (regulatory status by the State of Vermont), with an indication of man-made wetlands, and hydric soils.  Base features include roads, driveways, buildings, and parcel boundaries
  • PDF, describing the wetland maps and the process used to create them
  • metadata  PDF format, providing technical documentation of the master wetlands GIS data layer created by Windham Regional Commission 


Planning Commission Work Maps
These maps were developed for the Putney Planning Commission in 2011 to support their work on the update of the Putney Town Plan. These are not town plan maps, but work or reference maps for the Planning Commission.  The data used for these maps is in many cases generalized and/or approximate.  Detailed review of some of these data has not occurred, and on-site investigation is required to verify the accuracy of these data.
  • Existing Land Use by Parcel, 11x17 PDF
  • Rural Residential Land Use District: contraints PDF
  • Rural Residential Land Use District: conservation and working lands PDF
  • Rural Residential Land Use District: rough development suitability PDF


Putney Village Center District
The boundary of the Putney Village Center district has been revised, and the revised boundary was approved by the Vermont Downtown Board on June 26, 2006.  Maps of the Village Center district include the district boundary, buildings color coded by use, building addresses, and parcel lines.
  • 11x17 color map PDF
  • 8.5 x 11 color map PDF
  • 8.5x11 black and white map PDF
  • 8.5x11 orthophotograph PDF


Conservation Lands Maps
  • Putney Central School Forest trail map PDF
  • Putney Central School Forest trail map, simplified (for students) PDF
  • Windmill Ridge Nature Reserve & Trail - Putney Mountain Association trail map, 2008 (1.5 meg) PDF
  • Windmill Ridge Nature Reserve & Trail - Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association trail map PDF
  • Beatrice Aiken Wildlife Preserve PDF color | PDF B&W
  • Bear Hill Conservation Site PDF color | PDF B&W
  • Putney Town Forest/Putney Mountain kiosk map PDF
  • Putney Town Forest/Putney Mountain base map PDF


Putney Rural Districts Analysis (town-wide buildout)
These maps are part of the Putney Rural Districts Analysis report, produced in 2003 (for a copy of the report, click here). The report examines the existing conditions in the Rural Residential, Resource, and Conservation Districts, including development, physical constraints, and natural resources, and determines what kind of growth can take place in these districts given these existing conditions and the Town’s zoning regulations. All maps are in 8.5x11 color format. 
  • Map 1 - Zoning  (old, 2003; current map is at top of page)
  • Map 2 - Estimated Building Construction Dates PDF
  • Map 3 - Possible 30 Year Growth Scenario, Moderately Low Projection PDF
  • Map 4 - Possible 30 Year Growth Scenario, Moderately High Projection PDF
  • Map 5 - Conservation Lands PDF
  • Map 6 - Buildout Status of Parcels PDF
  • Map 7 - Agricultural Lands and Important Farmland Soils PDF
  • Map 8 - 2003 Septic Suitability Ratings PDF
  • Map 9 - Changes Between 1997 and 2003 Septic Suitability Ratings PDF
  • Map 10 - Undeveloped Areas JPG


Putney Village Inventory
These maps are part of the Putney Village Inventory report, produced in 2003 (for a copy of the report, click here). All maps are in 8.5 x 11 color format. 
  • Map 1 - Zoning (old, 2003; current map is at top of page)
  • Map 2 - Existing Conditions PDF
  • Map 3 - Existing Conditions, detail PDF
  • Map 4 - Parcel Status PDF
  • Map 5 - Sewer Status PDF
  • Map 6 - Water Status PDF
  • Map 7 - Buildout Results PDF
  • Map 8 - Buildout Results with Constraints PDF
  • Map 9 - Village Center Designation (old) PDF | GIF  
Putney Water System Maps
  • Overview Document PDF
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